Backing Products

Producing good embroidery starts with choosing the correct backing for your unique application.  Texas Specialties is a distributor of Hollingsworth & Vose Stitch Backers embroidery backing.  H & V  has an exceptional product line.  They are the only backing supplier that manufactures all their own products.  Hollingsworth & Vose is more than 150 years old and has eight manufacturing plants.  Many of their products are specifically designed for use as embroidery backings. H & V embroidery backings are particularly well suited for high-density embroidery applications.  Choosing the right backing products reduces the cost of the embroidery.  Texas Specialties stocks a variety of these goods.  In addition to H & V, Texas Specialties also carries a full line of specialty backings such as water soluble toppings, foam, Aqua Vanish, Badgemaster, Web Mesh, and Peel & Stick.  Texas Specialties carries backings in small rolls, large rolls, and cut pieces.  Custom sizes are available upon request.


A tear away is the backing of choice for most embroiderers.  The backing should tear easily and cleanly in either direction.  Finally, in choosing a tear away, most embroiderers consider ease of tear, cleanness of tear, hoop stability, and perforation resistance as important factors in their selection process.


Cutaways are needed to provide a stable base for delicate and stretchy fabrics both during the stitching process and afterward.  Cutaways, in general, tend to be more resistant to needling perforations than tearaways.  In choosing a cutaway, most embroiderers consider the ease of cutting, wash stability, hoop stability, and perforation resistance.


Cap backing is used to improve the crispness of lettering and columns. This is particularly so with low profile and unstructured caps.


Water soluble embroidery toppings will dissolve completely when immersed in water leaving no backing at all.  They are perfect when you need an embroidery stabilizer to disappear leaving nothing behind.  They are most widely used in free standing embroidery applications such as free standing lace.


Foam backing is a lofty material used to generate a three-dimensional or quilted look.  Do not purchase foam that is too thick or you will have difficulty completing the design.  Before using foam products, test them to make sure they are washable and drycleanable.


This product is a tearaway backing with a pressure sensitive coating and a release liner.  Peel & Stick has three general uses: hard-to-hoop applications such as shirt collars, cuffs,etc; the stabilization of high stretch fabrics such as bicycle shorts, promotional sweatshirts, etc; and the elimination of hoop marks that can occur with certain problem materials, such as brushed denim and suede.


Web Mesh is a very light weight backing with a waffle weave which works well with thin fabric.  This product provides the stability you need with a single layer.  If added support is needed, it can be layered with tearaway to provide better stitch definition. 


This water soluble topping is ideal for lace, making emblems, or embroidery on polar fleece or heavy terry cloth.  This is also known as stand alone backing.  Once you have finished stitching, cut away as much as possible, immerse in water, and it will dissolve leaving just your stitching.


Aqua Vanish is ideal for in the hoop projects.  It is a completely dissolvable stabilizer.  Excellent for free standing lace.  Recommended for all fabrics.

We hope you will consider Texas Specialties for your next embroidery backing order.  Please do no hesitate to contact us should you need assistance in selecting the type of backing that would best meet your needs.