Other Embroidery Supplies

Peggy’s Stitch Eraser®  is the original stitch eraser tool designed by an embroiderer for embroiderers.  It is used to remove stitches from embroidery and all types of stitch patterns.  Erases stitches like never before! Texas Specialties also carries the replacement blades for  Peggy’s  Stitch Eraser.

Bobbin Cases – Standard size: L
For Tajima, Barudan, Melco, Brother, Meistergram, Toyota, Singer, PFAFF, etc.

Snap Band Wraps – used for keeping small rolls of backing neatly wrapped.

Hugo’s Amazing Tape™ -  this super strong tape is durable, reuseable, and most of all versatile.  Keeps embroidery thread and sewing threads from tangling.  Glue-less-no sticky residue to worry about.  Self-clinging-Grips and holds without adhesive.  Reusable – very sturdy.  With no glue, it can be used over and over again.  Helps keep strips and pieces organized.  You can also write on Hugo’s Amazing Tape™ .  No piece is too short.  Just press and bond small pieces together to make longer pieces.  The ONLY tape that holds in the freezer.  Use just one 2” roll to neatly wrap thread spools, ribbon, lace, or wrapping paper tubes.


Thread Storage Racks- Our fully assembled racks can be mounted on a door or wall or can be free standing using the rack’s legs.



Texas Specialties stocks Organ and Schmetz brand needles for all embroidery applications.  Please know your size when ordering so that you receive the proper needles.  Please note that industrial needles are sold in boxes of 100.  When ordering please specify the number of boxes, not the number of needles.

Sharp- The point of the needle is sharp and offers more of a cutting action than a ball point needle.  Sharps are more commonly used for woven fabrics.  The point of a sharp needle makes it easier for the needle to penetrate the tighter construction of a woven fabric.  This places less stress on the needle, thus reducing needle deflection, therefore, reducing broken needles.

Ball Point – Designed to alleviate holes in knits or loosely woven materials by pushing aside fibers.

DBXK5 – One size larger eye than standard without increased blade diameter, creates less fraying and fewer thread breaks.

DBx7ST – Rectangular shaped eye designed for metallic thread use.

Other needle brands are also available upon request.  Call for price and delivery.


Embroidery Scissors

For anyone who enjoys embroidery, embroidery scissors are a must have part of your equipment.  As you are finishing each section or a section of stitches, it is necessary to trim threads closely and accurately.  This means embroidery scissors must have sharp tips that will quickly trim thread as close to the embroidery canvas as possible.  Embroidery scissors are extremely helpful.  They come in several varieties and you can pick the ones that best fit your hands, style, and cutting needs.  The simplest embroidery scissors are short scissors with sharp tips, and these can be used in many different sewing applications.  They will easily fit within most medium sized to large hoops for close cutting.

Embroidery scissors are used for light work that entails close detail.  The blades are slim and sharp with fine, precise points.

Belmont Embroidery Scissors 735/51 (Italy) – Double sharp points and finely tapered blades make these scissors ideal for intricate detail work.

Mundial Specialty Embroidery Scissors – Solid steel M701 (Extra Fine).  Finely tapered curved short blades with extra sharp points.  Ideal for intricate work.  Often called scherenschitte or turmspitze, or cuticle.

Thread clips are used for quick snipping and tight seam stitch cutting.  The ring fits over the ring or middle finger and the implement rests in the hand.  The thumb and index finger work the spring action blades, shears do not harm the cutting surface.

Wiss Quick Clip Speed Cutters W1570 – Stainless steel replacement blades in ABS plastic, has high impact characteristics.  Contoured design ensures comfort.  Quickly cut loose threads and ends of fabric.

Applique´ Scissors are used for trimming excess fabric or loose threads in layered applications.  They are designed with one blade that is narrow and one blade that is wide.  The wider blade protects the fabric underneath while the top layer of fabric is being cut by the narrow blade.  They are also important for trimming sheer and delicate fabric in lace insertion.

Belmont Curved Blade Applique´ Scissors 290/41 (Italy) –
Belmont Curved Blade Applique´ Scissors 290/51 (Italy) -  
finely tapered curved blades with extra sharp points.  Ideal for intricate and detailed work.

Belmont Specialty Applique´ Scissors/Detailed Trimming 628/3-1/2” (Italy)
Belmont Specialty Applique´ Scissors/Personal Grooming 696/3-1/2” (Italy) - 
Finely tapered curved blades for detailed trimming and embroidery work.

We hope you will consider Texas Specialties for your next embroidery supply order.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need assistance in selecting the embroidery supplies that would best meet your needs.