Zippers are everywhere in our daily lives.  Zippers come in a multitude of types, sizes, and lengths. 

Texas Specialties is pleased to have your needs covered with our wide variety of metal, nylon, molded-plastic, and invisible zippers in over 600 colors as well as dye to match.  We also offer a wide variety of pulls for all zipper types. To add additional value and provide better service, our zippers are manufactured domestically.  Quality and service are our promise to you.

Nylon coil zippers now form the bulk of zippers sales worldwide.  Nylon was formerly used and though only polyester is used now, the type is still known as a nylon zipper.  Coil zippers are made of polyester coil and are also known as polyester zippers.

Invisible zippers teeth are behind the tape.  The tapes color matches the garment, as does the slider, so that except for the slider, the zipper is “invisible”.  Invisible zippers are usually coil zippers.  This kind of zipper is common in skirts and dresses.

Metal zippers are made in brass, aluminum, and nickel silver, according to the metal used for the teeth making.  The teeth are not coil, but are individual pieces of metal molded into shape and set on the zipper tape at regular intervals.

Molded plastic zippers have teeth that are plastic.  Plastic zippers can be made in any color of plastic.  Plastic zippers mostly use polyacetal resin though other resins are used as well, such as polyethylene.

We hope you will consider Texas Specialties for your next zipper order.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need assistance in selecting the type of zipper that would best meet your needs.